Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Having dreamt of taking a workshop with the incredible Finnabair that dream finally came true thanks to the one and only super organiser that is no other than Sue Tucker. 
Apprehension set in when we were given the list of stash we needed to take as it included photos. For those who know me also know that cameras are prone to breaking when pointed in my direction!!! Help was called for in order to obtain clear quality photos from the web. A big thank you to my son in law, Quentin, (see the right hand side of my blog for his business details) for finding super free images and printing them for me. They worked a treat.
We drove up to the NE last Tuesday and had a few days doing nothing much really. I had booked all 3 workshops so knew I would be tired at the end of Sunday but didn't care a bit.
Saturday arrived and I set off on the 10min drive arriving at 8:15am! That's some achievement for me as early is not part of my life any more. 
The classroom looked amazing thanks to Sue and her A team.
The fun began.
Our first class was just mind blowing. The kits were super generous and I for one drooled over every single piece including the ugly buttons - Finn's words not mine.
Look what I made, I can't believe how gorgeous this is
I really made that, still can't believe it.
So the 4hr morning class was over and after a lunch break we went back in for the next 4hr class.
The kit was similar and just as luscious except we had a massive canvas to work on. I felt a bit of a heart flutter because Finns sample was to die for and I really didn't expect to come close with mine.
BUT look at this
I could cry even now just looking at it. For me this is spectacular too.
The day ran over and I didn't get back to the motorhome til 7;45pm. Tired but happy as Larry.
I hardly slept so I was up and on the road again bright and early.
Sunday was one class all day apart from the middle break.
Again a super kit but the main piece was a journal. We decorated the outside in the morning and some pages in the afternoon.
This the front of mine
And this is the back
Wow eh?
2 different techniques for the pages and mine turned out like this
Had to include my pal Toby
I've tried to put my journal back together but am struggling with the spring thing. I'll get there though.
Here is one of the group photos.
I even won a prize for my name badge

What a weekend to remember. Roll on the next one.
We've left the NE now and are in York until Saturday when I will have a nightmare of a journey to Lincolnshire. We have to cross the Humber bridge and Im scared of iron bridges over water. Reckon I'll be in the bathroom for that bit!!!!


Lou Withers said...

Joannnnnne, u said , I can't do this!!!!!!!
Look at what u produced, it's amazing. U r talented, very talented, ..... Ur work is gorgeous, I said about the paper piecing, " this is right up ur street" . Joanne, ur so lovely. Ur so Talented, love u LOUBIE

pearshapedcrafting said...

Drooling, jealous as……...., impressed! Look forward to seeing more of your journal! Chrisx

jojo79 said...

Fantastic pieces Jo. Glad you enjoyed Finn's classes.

Artyjen said...

Oooh....so cool Joanne. What a fabulous et of arty goodness. :)
xoxo Sioux