Thursday, 25 September 2014


We moved to the Lincoln showground this morning ready for the motorhome show over the next 3 days. 
It's a breezy old place but needs to be considering it is right next to RAF Scampton, home of the Red Arrows. Unfortunately, they won't be flying this show as they are in Cyprus. Never mind.
That's us just over the hedge with the canopy out. Not putting the awning sides on as we are only here til Monday then it's homeward bound. after 3 weeks away I am looking forward to that.
The show starts tomorrow so we will have a good nosey around then off on the bus into Lincoln on Saturday, another look around the show on Sunday and as I said before, home on Monday.
Tuesday will be a catch up day but Wednesday I will be watching our Hels demo her talents and on Thursday I will be at her workshop. Busy week me thinks.

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