Sunday, 7 September 2014


It seems the days are shorter in more ways than one ie daylight and hours!! Where has this year gone? When I worked the days were so long but I managed to get all manner of jobs done but now I'm retired, nothing seems to get done and the days seem so short. No sooner is it time to get up but I'm back in bed again!!
The sun is slipping lower and lower and only just reaches my perennial border in the morning. 
The plants are fading fast except the verbena which is still providing goodness to bees and all manner of gorgeous butterflies. 
We managed a couple of evenings in front of the chiminnea and that was bliss. 
I now have 3 weeks holiday starting Tuesday so my garden will look very different when I get back in October. 
I'm off to 3 workshops next weekend with the amazing Finnabair and the equally amazing Wynyard crew. Bring it on.

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