Wednesday, 3 September 2014


A great big HAPPY 54th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my pal Sylvia and her hubby Reg.
What a lot of years and they still adore one another.
I saw a lovely card a little while ago made by the very talented Tracy Evans and liked it so much I made Sylvia and Reg an 8"x8" canvas board to celebrate today.
It's not quite the same as Tracy's card but just to be sure I wasn't stepping on her toes I showed it to her and asked permission to blog it today. As you can see Tracy said yes.
I had no idea how she had made her card but I loved the colours so just literally 'got stuck in' with paints and a brush. 
All in all it was a pleasure to make and I hope it reached it's destination in Devon in time for today. 

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Nan G said...

Love the art board! Happy anniversary to lovely couple, too!