Tuesday, 26 April 2016


So cold today despite a beautiful blue sky earlier. Thank goodness I'm off for another dose of sunshine in a moment. My light treatment is going well and I was given 2 mins 48 secs on Saturday so should perhaps get 3 mins today. 
I've had a really bad back for over 3 weeks which has prevented me from doing certain things, one being cutting patchwork pieces. I played with this gorgeous stash yesterday and spent ages working out measurements for a particular design.
The jelly roll is Moda Evening Mist and the 4 red fat quarters are also Moda. 
My plan is simple to begin with and involves sewing 30 strips together so no cutting til that's done. 
Not sure how far I will get today but I'm off to the hospital now so will see what happens when I get back.

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Barb said...

Good luck with your hospital trip Joanne. Glad to hear you're seeing some improvement. Don't over do it now but that material does look beautiful. Barbxx