Wednesday, 27 April 2016


I sorted the jelly roll into light to dark and the red fabric doesn't go with it at all. 
I had hoped to use it as a highlight but definitely not. I've decided to sew the strips together, cut them, re-sew them and take it from there. Just need some mojo to get cracking with it!!


Nan G said...

Love the light to dark fabrics. Yep, agree the red fabric doesn't work, not the right color of red. Love love the altered bottled. I never know what to do with the tops either. ;) Good to hear the light treatments are helping you. Take care, hugs.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Joanne! I have got so far behind and although I hate doing this one comment will have to fit all!!!! I love the bottle you decorated and your floating pots look great! Let's hope for some nice weather soon so you can sit outside and enjoy your garden! The fabric colours you have look great! I would try some blue - but then I am rather hooked on blue!! Hope the light treatments continue to do you some good!! Take care, Hugs, Chrisx