Saturday, 19 March 2011


There is a little 'sproggit' in the family whose birthday is next Tuesday, her 8th actually, so we decided to pop over and take her birthday presents. Beverley, in Yorkshire, is a lovely little place and the site we found last year (where 'peg leg' broke his hand and ribs) is our stopping place again.
The weather is lovely, the birds are many and singing their heads off and all the daffs are out. Perfect.
I decided not to pack a load of craft this time but just a few bits in  order to practice making paper flowers following the instructions that Hels put on her blog the other day.
I've used this Artistic Stamper flower stamp many times to make flowers, but no matter whether I use that or a die, I always struggle with the middles.
This time though, I cut the odd petal and the middles before sticking the parts.

Then I stuck one lot together without cutting the middles.
This flower is a complete version where the middles were cut before I stuck the petals together. I think it is much better.
Oh! that photo is a bit blurred, sorry. However, I think you can make out the middle petals and agree that they sit very nicely in the flower. I'm happy with that. Thank you Hels.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh this is super You are a clever Peep when I make them they just all go wrong!!! Hope you have a great journey and Peg Leg doesnt come to any harm!!! Love Hazelxoxo

Artyjen said...

Lovely flower and gorgeous sunshine by the looks of the photo's....have a great time.
xoxo Sioux

Lynnda said...

We love Beverley so we moved there! loving some of your stuff, next time you are over pop round to the studio it is in Bishop Burton.

Hels Sheridan said...

fabby rose and so chuffed that my instructions worked... phew!!! Hope to see heaps more of them now... I actually sit and make them while I am watching TV... so I alway shave a stash of them lol