Friday, 26 October 2012


We changed our plans to come to the north east Saturday, instead we came yesterday - Thursday, It's quite a way up here although a lovely trip over the hills and moors, so to come for just a couple of days is madness. I rang the site - who by the way have the most wonderful wardens we have ever encountered in  the Caravan Club - and they had Thursday and Friday available so we decided to pack up Wednesday night and take to the road early the next day arriving here just after 10am.
Just look at the sun on those hills, quite breathtaking.
No car this trip. We decided we can walk to enough places or get the bus into Newcastle if the fancy takes us. Having said that, neither of us can walk too far any more what with aching hip joints, knee joints and crumbling big toes. Never mind eh?

So, not much crafting 'til I get back although I have brought a couple of things with me. There is a big Hobbycraft on the Teesside Retail Park plus a Range at the back of us so I can always find something there if I get too bored.
Just going to try and catch up on the crafting world now whilst I've got a good web connection.


Hels Sheridan said...

Have a fab weekend xx

jordiegirl said...

You lucky thing being in the North East - that's why I am from - born in Gateshead but lived in Cramlington from being 18 months old until 1986.

I love going 'home' on holiday each year.

Do enjoy your weekend.

Artyjen said...

Have a glorious time. It's even a bit chilly here so heaven help you all the way up there!! LOL
I'll be in Santander very soon...I can only hope it is even better weather there!!! ;)
xoxo Sioux

pearshapedcrafting said...

Hope you didn't get too much snow up there! ...and that you're having fun with family! Hugs, Chrisxx