Tuesday, 9 October 2012

NO PHONE!!!!!!

My mobile has gone back because it's broken - can't make or receive calls - so out came my old phone, a pay & go. The rotten suppliers have deleted my number because I haven't used  it for ages, but the worse bit is, they have also taken the money that was on it. Surely that can't be right. Anyway, this means I don't have a phone at all now. It's quite scary really because what if I break down and need to call the AA!
The phone companies are happy to take your money, contract or otherwise, but leave you in a mess at the drop of a hat. This is the 2nd phone in my 24month contract to fail. Thank goodness it's up at Christmas because not only will I be looking elsewhere for a better deal, I shall never have an O2 contract again especially after the fiasco down south when I couldn't get a signal most of the time.
Another little rant now - the new bins never came. Should have had replacement bottle and paper bins 2 weeks ago, even waited in for them (didn't want them, no room) so the council here are rubbish too - no pun intended.
One little bit of a surprise yesterday meaning that possibly we have a brilliant Royal Mail. I received my ATC swaps from Jenn of Wicked Wednesday ATCs, but there is no stamp, no franking and no PO label whatsoever on the envelope. How on earth the envelope came all the way from California like that beats me. My swaps are super, I love them:
Thanks Jenn for arranging the swap.
Right then, today it's cementing time again only this time I'm helping so the job can get finished before it rains once more. My poor old knees!!!!!

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Gez said...

Take care today, loving your swaps. Hope you get your phone sorted soon. Gez xx