Sunday, 7 October 2012


Oh crumbs! I've  been leading you on for days about this and now it's done I feel really worried. May I just take you back to my header statement where I remind you all that I am just an amateur crafter, something I was reprimanded for saying by friends last weekend!!
Ok, look at my left hand side bar where there is a link to Laura Carson's blog. There is the clue.
Laura has embraced Halloween and made an Apothecary - she is an American and they know how to celebrate Halloween - us, on the other hand, only know how to do the dress up bit. I could not find any Halloween craft in any of my local shops despite many requests, so had to resort to the pound shops instead. I did however, buy Laura's digi downloads of her image sheets and followed her video tutorials. My 3 'creations' I am entering into Laura's 1st part of her Apothecary event are:
A little glass votive coloured with red pepper paint dabber stuffed with black alcohol inked roses, calla lilies and black beads attatched to wire, trimmed with black beaded ribbon and an amazing black peel off. KIV the candles.

A bottle of mushy bones. This looks very simple but glueing the feet to the bottle was really difficult until the tube of E6000 arrived and saved the day

and a 4 drawer book of scary bits and pieces which I made from 4 small matchboxes and following Laura's amazing video tutorial.

Because I've made these 3 items slightly differently to those that Laura had made, I thought they were the most appropriate to enter.
Now for the rest. The second entry is this: drum roll here please -
The full Apothecary

It now sits proudly on a new shelf in my bedroom. Just to give you an idea of it's size, it measures about 23" high and the shelf is 30" long.
The first 'window' contains :
Frog Slime
Rotten Pumpkins Guaranteed to Stink
Dragon's Fire
Eyeball Bottles
Midnight Moonbeams

The second 'window' contains:
Gravediggers Mushy Bones
Spider Webs - Extra Sticky
Witches Brew Aged to Perfection
Black Cat in a Coffin
Rabid, Rancid & Rotten - made by Icky Potion Supply Co. Experts in Yuk
1000 Year Old Gargoyle Drool

The Dark third 'window' contains:
A Couldron Favourites Book
Full Moon Hairy Webs
Instant Embalming Fluid
Bottled Ghost
Black Widow Venom
Old Crone Beauty Cream
The fourth window contains:
'By Pumkins Fat' plaque on a stand
Eye of Newt
Haunted Dreams and Other Nightmares
Contagious Cat Grin
The top of the Apothecary is covered in spiders webs, rotten mummy bandage, well used dungeon candles, a jar of very large spiders protected by Mr. Bones, a few black rats, black creeping vine and several poisonous flowers and leaves.
This is the Apothecary just being built

Here is the back:
THANK YOU Laura for a month of fun.


Redanne said...

You will not believe this but I have watched the 3 videos this week and ordered some digis (not yet arrived) because I was so inspired by Laura!!

It is not days you have kept us waiting - it is weeks.....but so worth waiting for! Joanne, this is a stunning piece of engineering, love all your detail and the lights give it an extra something - well done on a fantastic piece of art.

Crafty hugs, Anne x

I have to keep going back to have more looks - wow, wow, wow!!

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW Its fantabulous!!! Love Love Love it. And HEY YOU ARE NOT AMATEUR!!!!!!
I adore everything about it, you have created a wonderful cabinet. Off to look and Oggle some more,

Love Me xoxo

Hels Sheridan said...

TOTES CHUFFING AMAZZZZEBALLS!!!! Love it, all that work and so much gorgeous detail to look at! Thanks for sharing!!! xx

Gez said...

AMAZING work of art Joanne! Tis fabby! How clever are you!! You are and always have been a wonderful inspirational lady to many people! Enjoy xxxx

Minxy said...

WOW WOW WOW, What an absolutely amazing project, so much to take in, i could love at this for hours, well done you its awesome x
Hugz Minxy

Sandi said...

Joanne, my goodness, it was worth the wait, what a wonderful creation of potion and all things Halloween, just WOOOOOOO, you should not have a moment of doubt, hugs

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh my goodness Joanne, now that is totally being inspired and then utterly immersing yourself. love all the bottles and labels and detail in the apothecary shop, amazing work. Think the roses are a triumph and franky, would love to be even half as 'amateur' as you!
Nope you really enjoy the fruits of your labours, you've obviuosly loved doing it.

Artyjen said...

Total wowsers!! You should be proud of yourself....amateur? not a bit!! That's so fabuliciously spooky :)
xoxo Sioux

Artfully Musing said...

You have done such a fabulous job!! I love how it is lighted - so clever of you. Are you going to enter the giveway? Hugs Laura

Martina2801 said...

Brilliant! Love all those wonderful bottles. Laura is the best, and so incredibly generous with her tutorials.

JoZart said...

Super amazing project with so much imagination there. It made me laugh reading all the yucky things included!
Jo x

Sandra said...

Great work. Your bottles are very ingenious :)