Sunday, 14 October 2012


The restaurant next door to the hotel is literally heaving. We tried to go for a meal and knocked a chap down just opening the door. No chance of having anything then - not if I have my way. Computer out, logged in for 30 free WFi minutes and ordered a couple of pizzas and some garlic bread. they just rang me to confirm my order, yippee!!
I was so looking forward to a juicy steak but guess that will have to wait.
The room is lovely and we are well suited. Tomorrow sees the start of a 'step back in time' for my hubby as he tries to find his old school and the house where he was born, then we will hit the shops. Anyone know of any craft shops in the Rotherham/Sheffield area????


Gez said...

Pizza's sound just fine to me! Hope you have a succesful day tomorrow.xx

I do know a craft shop in Sheffield, not sure of her opening hours, it's called the Craft Den, Loxley Rd, Sheffield.. a lovely lady called Lynne is the owner.

Can't wait to hear how you get on, fingers crossed.xx

Gez said...

I've thought of another place.. The Craft Box. Elsecar, not sure how far away this is for you xx