Saturday, 26 January 2013


Did you read about the thief who was caught because the police followed his footprints in the snow last week? Well, I now have evidence of the bird food thief and the 'I am trying to eat your fish' thief. Want to see -
It looks like Mr Heron landed on the patio then walked right under my bedroom window, jumped on to the side of the pond, had a little wander there then flew under the gazebo to the other side and flew off.
How he flies between the small gap on the far side is some act because the fence panel there is 5' high with a bit of trellis at least another 1' and next door's shed is right next to it. Thank goodness this pond is 4' deep and the fish are at the bottom.
The other pond is netted so he has no chance of getting the fish in there either.
It's a gorgeous day today with blue skies and sunshine, still freezing cold but I understand it will be getting warmer and then all the snow will melt, not that we have much to melt. However, those who have mountains of the stuff face floods again. I feel so sorry for them and hope that won't be the case.
To end on a bit of brightness. I have been trying to grow a few crocus in the last few weeks. Have a look at these:
Brightens up the day eh?
Right, I'm off to speak to my friend from Devon now who has just rung up.


pearshapedcrafting said...

I bet it's some sight to see him get in if you can! Glad your fish are safe though! Well done with your crocus, certainly a bit of brightness! Have a good day! Chrisx

Gez Butterworth said...

Wow! What big footprints!!!!
First signs of spring, lovely!
Hope you had a lovely chat.. she will be happier for speaking to you dear lady.xxxx