Friday, 18 January 2013


SNOW in the NW of England, certainly not where I live anyway. This is it just now and it's turning to slush already:
1 little Primula braving the elements:
Winter Jasmine adding a bit of colour:
Having spent £23 on bird food this week, you would think they would come and eat it!!!!
As you can see, not much snow. I hope you are managing where ever you are and enjoying it all rather than having any problems.
I decided to make a couple of cards yesterday. This is one of them:
Simple but quite effective and just right for a man whose birthday is in a few weeks.
Right, as I've only just decided to get dressed, I better get something done.

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Lindsay Mason said...

Great masculine card Joanne.
Contrary birds! I think they may all be at mine as there are loads here at the moment. I mainly feed them on scraps...moistened brown bread, cold cut up sausage, bacon rinds cut up, stale cheese and I sometimes make up porridge for them! Along with a few fat balls it seems to please them...the last time I put wild bird seeds out they were so picky that they refused to eat certain elements of it and I ended up having to clear it away! Like I said, contrary!
Lindsay x x x