Monday, 28 January 2013


I've managed to keep to my Xmas card plan so far. Little red stars on my year planner indicate the week I have to make a card and so far I've made 3 - yippee!. At least that means 3 people will get a card this year LOL.
Just have to put a greeting on this one. Not the best of photos as I took it in complete darkness and keeping the camera still whilst it very, very slowly takes it's time to assess the situation is so difficult.
I'll try another:
That's better, you can see the 3D detail now.
No star on the planner for this week but I do have a couple of birthday cards to plan, then a week on Friday I am going to the Hobbycraft show in Manchester with my 2 girls. They are both more interested in sewing so the material stalls will be a must whereas I will be looking for a few bits on my list such as Blending Solution which I am nearly out of and my local store hasn't had in for months and months.
Right, I'm off again for another day of whatever comes along.

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pearshapedcrafting said...

It's surprising what a different angle does - glad you took that second pic as you can see the details much better - a fantastic card - and you're on your way to Christmas too!! Chrisx