Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Should I resurrect my Crafting Buddies blog?? I didn't get much response despite ending up with about 26 followers. So many crafters have pets who at some point 'help' them with their projects and for those who don't - I am one of those now - there are always things in the garden.
I'm not really looking to start it up again, it's just that we have a new 'beastie' to entertain us at the moment and I don't really think it is welcome despite being quite gorgeous. If this video uploads you will see what I mean - just don't blink:
No wonder there aren't many birds coming down to eat, there's nothing left for them!

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Lindsay Mason said...

Ooo er Joanne, was that what I thought it was? It was a pretty sharp mover I'm amazed that you managed to film it! Well, they do say you're never more than three feet away from one! Lindsay x x x