Monday, 14 January 2013


The carpet is down - lovely and squashy - so it was time to bring the furniture back in from the shed aka music room.
There are 5 drawers in the units - none of them mine I hasten to add - and 3 are full of CDs and DVDs, that isn't counting the 6 drawers in the telephone unit!!!! So we made a start at sorting them all out:
How it happened I don't know, but they all went back into 2 drawers. Just shows the mess they were in before. Also, the stand alone DVD player/recorder is now set up to play CDs on it's own without them playing through the tv as well. Plus the surround sound has been knocked off the other DVD player recorder so that we can play films through the tv and let it use it's own speakers. Such a faff all these years and now it's sorted.
OMG the postie has just brought me an absolutely wonderful surprise. A gorgeous piece of art from a friend who is living it up in the US at the moment. Thank you lovely lady, it's going on my wall right now.

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Hels Sheridan said...

you alphabetised your CD's? About time, I do that ALL the time rofl Glad you liked the tag.... especially for you x
PS... CHA, such a drag, dragging myself around all day, dragging myself to eat cheesecake, dragging myself to drink cocktails.... BHAHAHAAAA ... btw you will LOVE the new Distress Paints ;o))