Monday, 21 January 2013


Looking out of my craft room window is this site today. I can spy Blackie's footprints in the snow going round to the big trees at the front where both he and his  wife spend their time eating the hanging fat cakes. It's still snowing albeit lightly but the snow plough over on the BAE runway is working overtime.
I lost yesterday completely as I was really poorly. Hoping to know what was wrong when I go to the doctors tonight for something else. Saturday was a mixed day but I managed to play a bit with some inks and masks on a tag. Only made the background so far:
but will have another play when I have a minute. One discovery however was none of my Dylusions sprays work.........I suppose that means I will have to try and wash all the pumps in the hope that they are clogged and washing clears them - unless you know better.
Right, must away.

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Snowing a little bit here, about an hour ago we had sun at the back as well as it snowing! Weird!! Sorry to hear you've not been well - must be the time of year as yesterday morning I had what Hubby calls a funny turn! Not to me it wasn't! Think it's my diabetes though! Love the tag so far but can't help on the spray problem - I've had some of mine for a while and touch wood no clogging! Hope you get 'sorted' and feel better soon, hugs, Chrisx