Monday, 21 December 2009


Today is such a great day to me. I spend time 'oodling' over all the gorgeous and generous presents I received the day before for my birthday whilst looking forward to tomorrow when the days begin to grow longer once again. Yes, the shortest day of the year is a good one.

Despite freezing conditions, snow flurries and not so good driving conditions, my hubby took me to Dawn's yesterday where I met up with the 'bubbly' Lindsay Mason, who was demoing, and where I spent some of my gift vouchers. Apart from some distress ink pads, the photo shows my purchases. I really enjoyed myself. He then whisked me back along the motorway to enjoy a birthday meal. I even relented and had pudding. Not something I usually do, but I had an enormous dark chocolate fudge cake with ice cream. It was really good.

Just had to include a photo of a beautiful card from my friend Sylvia. I love the colours, which are my favourite.

Also, a big thank you for all the emails and ecards.

2010 is going to be a fantastic crafting year - I've made my mind up! One of the best bits for me is the launch of 12 new distress ink pads from Tim Holtz. The colours look amazing and I will get every one! And, he has teamed up with Sizzix!! Now that really sounds exciting. I think another re-shuffle in my workroom is called for.


sharon said...

Now you are a naughty girl because you didn't tell me it was your birthday! And so close to mine too! Glad you had a good day and the cake sounds yummy!
I'm also glad that it's not just me who has several re shuffles in her craft room!
Thanks also for the email - I hadn't picked up on that yet.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday from me too, Joanne - I didn't know it was your birthday today! Sounds like you had a great day out, lucky girl you .... :o)