Sunday, 13 December 2009


Here is a picture of all my tags together. Even though I made them, I was amazed at the variety of techniques which really became apparent when viewed side by side.

I may complete last years now!!!!!!


Artyjen said...

Hey! When you are on a roll go for it!!
I'm using mine to decorate my china display shelves.

Yogi said...

all your tags look great and they look super all in one photo. BIG GRIN
I also had a blast making mine, but haven't gotten around to putting them all in one image yet. Better get around to doing that.

Heather said...

Ooh, Joanne, don't these all look just so gorgeous all together like that - you did a great job on all of them!!! Love 'em.

Moniqui said...

Your tags look great! We dont get all of Tims products either here in Holland but you had great alternative ideas! Thanks!

Shirley Davis said...

Oh, be proud, be very proud! 12 great examples of your artwork.