Wednesday, 9 December 2009

TAG #9

Oh my! that was a hard challenge today.

The only components I had were:



photo paper

hinge clip

safety pins

Had Tim not been generous and allowed us to download the small photos, I would not have even tried to make this tag. As it was, I spent ages drawing lines to look like his film strip as I certainly don't have any of that. My poinsettia is a new variety, yet to be discovered in Borneo!! I hope Tim doesn't use any more metal flowers on the last tags, because I've just about run out now.

DH came into his own again today by making me the 2 little discs at the top.

All in all, the tag has turned out ok and I am pleased that I made the effort.


Anonymous said...

Joanne this is beautiful - Tim eat your heart out! I bet Tim hasn't got a wonderful DH....sonia xx

Jennie said...

LOl! I love your tag, we are all making alternative tags, and using what we have..:)

Artyjen said...

Great idea to hand draw the film strip.....makes it your very own!

Hels said...

gorgeous tag hun, love your take on it .. I thought this one was a bit of a hard one too :O)