Saturday, 5 December 2009


At last I've managed to complete tag #1.

When the challenge began, I didn't have the tags that Tim uses, so I cut a couple from cream cardstock. Tag 1 worked well on this card until my tub of crackle paint arrived and I applied it to the card. The whole of the card began to buckle and was hard to control even though I heated it from underneath aswell as on the surface. My answer was to stick another piece of card to the back to give it strength, which worked. I have a dymo and the last time I used it, I wrote vertically. Could I get it to go back to horizontal? Not a chance. Anyway, the batteries were flat, so after a charge I tried again. Hey presto! horizontal words.

I am pleased with this tag.

Todays tag, no. 5 was reasonably easy because I have some fragment charms and have used some of the techniques involved before. However, my main drawback today - again! - has been time. I made this tag inbetween watching the X-Factor!!

Again, I am pleased with the result.

My continuing problem is tag #4. Still no ideas as I don't have any frames etc. and to buy everything needed would cost over £28!!!!!!!!! Really silly. I WILL come up with something and make this tag. Watch this space.

Did I tell you that I am now working on the proper tags? The lovely Mario sent me 20 - within 6 days of me ordering them! How's that for service and postage then?
Also, have you noticed that I have moved one of my pictures? Another gold star for the girl!

1 comment:

Gez said...

Ooh your 1st tag is looking fabby. Love all the sparkle you have captured on your photo.

My card buckled too on the 1st tag & I've had to mount it on some more & I left it to dry naturally! Hoping to blog soon. :-)

Love your 5th tag. The background looks fab. Shame about the frames etc for No.4 tag. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Good Luck.xx