Thursday, 10 December 2009


Tag #10 was never going to be like Tim's. I've never seen the metal tape he used today. Is it just me or don't we get all these products in this country?

Come on Dawn, you seen to have the biggest supply of craft in the NW. Any chance of a bigger Ranger area in your store?

Anyway, I will not be beaten this year (you see David, I am taking you at your word and being positive!), so, in for a penny, in for a pound.

I actually have the grunge letters so that bit was ok, placing them on the card was a challenge, but I got there. Having none of this metal tape I could only think of using tin foil. Ok it's not strong enough nor is it sticky, but with a bit of patience, and a couple of small areas glued to the tag, I managed to make it go round most of the letters. I used alcohol inks and a few brushes to colour it all. I did think of using my copics, but then thought that would be a cop-out (nearly a pun, sorry). There was no way I could burnish any of the letters, so I used blending solution on a cotton bud to erase the ink. Black paint dabber on the tag would have calmed it all down, but again I thought it would be too delicate, so I've left it bright and cheery.

That was hard. 2 more days to go. I wonder what Tim has in store?


Hels said...

Love what you made...I used Ten Seconds Studio aluminium, backed with Humungo tape..the adhesive tape like Tim used was no good for mine, I split it all and it looked mankey!! yours, as I said...and I love wording on it x

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW they are all stunning Joanne, Really love them all. The Post Lady brought me a fabby Chrimbo card today. THanks so much. I feel terrible as I am not sending any this year as have too much on my mind. You are in my thoughts though. Hope you have a fabby Christmas.

Artyjen said...

Your tag is fabby and just goes to show how well things can turn out even if you don't have all the crafting goodies.......mine today shows how dodgey it can turn out I fear! I think I went for one technique too far HOL