Thursday, 25 March 2010


I have crafted all day today so I suppose I had better do some housework tomorrow, yak!!
Yesterday I upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 after trying to change my blog background for the second time in 2 weeks. When I switch on and log onto my blog, the new background works like a blinkie before reverting to the old one, and the instructions advised this upgrade. However, I now can't alter the size of the font, I can't copy and paste anything and I have to keep clicking to open other blogs etc. That isn't the failure bit though.........
Having been on a Suze Weinberg melting pot workshop and finally amassed a stash of UTEE, flex, etc. I am now in a wonderful position to start making embellishments and the like. Today was the day. But..... my melt pot element has given up the ghost and I've only used the thing a couple of times. I think Ranger may just receive an email.
The success bit was a weight off my shoulders. I have been thinking about another chunky book page both whilst awake and asleep!! Today saw the 'heavy metal' page finished - front and back.
yippee!!!! No pictures though. I'll save that one.

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Heather said...

Got to confess, I've got a melt pot & haven't mustered up enough courage yet to use it! Hope you get a good response back from Ranger about your faulty pot too. You're doing great with your chunky book pages, putting me to shame - really got to get going and start on them soon - do we get a peek of Heavy Metal then? :o)