Sunday, 28 March 2010


I generally enjoy watching Gardener's World on a Friday night. Last Autumn, Toby Buckland led a programme which included the planting of spring bulbs, my most favourite bulbs of all.

He was planting daffodils, one of which was called 'Toby'. I just had to have some of these. After searching the web, I found some from the nursery De Jaeger. They promptly arrived and I planted them in a big pot by the front door.

Today's gorgeous sunshine brought the first bulb into flower. Although the photo is not very good, I just had top capture this flower and share it with you.
A little continuous floral tribute to our precious pusscat.


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Shirley Davis said...

Ah daffodils...on this same day, my family laid some of my Dad's ashes to rest in his mother's grave. We tended the spot as it had become weedy, and left some fresh daffodils in the little tin vase that resides in the gravestone. I can't tell you how pretty it all looked after our visit and how choked we were while there. And yet, the atmosphere in that cemetery was so peaceful.