Saturday, 13 March 2010


I have been trying to create some of the 9 pages required for Heather's 'chunky book' swap.

When I received the brief, I was quite happy with the titles of each page, thinking I could probably manage each one. However, once I gave them some thought I began to panic and my mind went blank.

I am a Tim Holtz fan and quite unashamably admit to having a rather large amount of both Ranger and Tim's signature items. Using them all is another story! - sorry David, but yes I am being a bit negative. However, I have complete 2 pages and the front of a third and have 'til 31 August before the end date of the swap.

These photos show the mess I was in a couple of days ago when my 'all things Tim head' went missing!


Heather said...

Oh, Joanne, don't get in a panic about the pages - the titles are just there as a jumping-off point for creating, you can interpret them absolutely how you like - and I'm in no doubt that you'll come up with some great pages (and what's this, you've already done TWO and onto your third - I've not even begun mine at all)!!! So you're way ahead there! And I love your studio pics - all that storage space and all those goodies - lucky you!

Artyjen said...

Thanks for sharing....I'm in the swap too :) However you are way ahead of me!!! I've only jotted down a few ideas as yet although I think my Timekeeper one is pretty much ready to have a bash at!! It's going to be fun I think ;)