Monday, 19 April 2010


If this little note actually posts, it will be a miracle.
I am having enormous problems with the internet just now and simply want to throw my computer out of the window! I have been unable to enter any challenges this week which is very disappointing because I am in the swing of them just now - AND - I've completed another chunky page which I can't show either. Only one more page to do which I've decided will be as involved as all the others put together, watch this space, could take me the rest of the time up to the 31/8 deadline to finish that one.
Thank goodness for our 'computer Dave' who, hopefully, will come round tomorrow evening to sort this problem for us - DH is having probs too and has given up on his computer and gone off into his workshop!!
Wish us luck and hope to catch up soon.

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Shirley Davis said...

So frustrating! I am only commenting on ONE blog today and this is it, you are she! I felt we could support each other virtually - I'll think of your PC woes and you can, perhaps, wish me back to full strength! Vent your frustrations on a diecutter (carefully) or just craft serenely.