Thursday, 8 April 2010


Just look what I found behind the door when I got home this afternoon. My amazing cards from Heather's Butterflies and Dragonflies ATC swap from last month.

From left to right:

Pink Butterfly by June Benton

Fly Away by Heather herself

Dragonfly Girl by Alison Brandist

The sparkle on these cards is so delicate and how amazing that they all chose to use pink and blue - or was that Heather matching up the swaps??

I think they are fabulous. Thank you girls.


Gez said...

The colours are amazing. Enjoy..xx

Heather said...

*LOL* Joanne, it was purely coincidental - I didn't spot all the colours matched up like that when I was swapping them out - what am I like? Glad you're happy with your selection (and thanks also for your "fools" which arrived here yesterday too).
Heather x

Artyjen said...

Lovely swaps you got back there :)
Thanks for your delighful words on my blog Joanne :) You caused me to remember that I went to see the Batchelors at the London Palladium with my mum..must have been in the late 60's early 70's though. Happy memories.....hope to never loose them LOL