Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I finished another chunky page today - take flight.

That's 6 done, 3 to go. I was so apprehensive when I received the list of subjects, but as I given them more thought, they have come together reasonably well. However, I am now on with #7, ideas are in place for #8 but #9 started off ok but has hit the hard times. Good job I got on with them because the end of August will be on me before I know it.

This photo is the front to - I dreamed a dream.

Once I have all these pages completed, I may just go back over them and see if they need re-doing or anything adding.


Artyjen said...

Hi Joanne.....my goodness you're on fire...as the Boss Bruce Springsteen would say! LOL
You can take a sneeky peek at my first page tomorrow if you pop over. :)

Heather said...

You're doing great, Joanne - can't believe how many pages you've already got done, you're putting me to shame! - but I HAVE actually completed two myself now and pics of them are now on my blog if you want a peek! (Love the page you just made)! Heather x