Monday, 26 July 2010


I got on with this backlog of jobs I have to do since coming back from our travels, and made a couple of dragonflies - instructions taken from Heather's book, page 48 - so that I could complete a couple of special projects.

These 2 were a bit easier to make than the first one I tried, but I think the dagger beads should be bigger. They were all I could find from the 5 craft shops I went round the other day! Anyway, I've now found some larger ones on Ebay and they will be 'winging' their way to me this week.

'Peg Leg' has his first hospital appointment tomorrow, thank goodness. Just hope it won't be too long before they actually do the operation. He is taking pills like there's no tomorrow and for him, that is a one off. Hopefully, we can get back to a normal life once he is fit again because things have slowed so much these past 2 years.

Right, today is cle....., that's, sorry I just can't say that word. It has something to do with dust which always makes me cringe 'cos it means 'work'. Now I have to go wash my mouth out for saying that last 4-letter word.

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