Friday, 2 July 2010


Hi folk.
Another beautiful day on the south coast. Beautiful 'til I decided to catch up on the washing (there's a laundry on this site) peg it all out on the whirligig, the plastic peg thingy, the awning straps, over the loungers and finally, over the dropped down awning front. Then....... it poured down!!!!!!!!! It's now all over the inside of the awning and the sun is shining once more!!!

We spent a few hours around the harbour and marina in Brixham today. I found some tiny shells in a gift shop which specialises in shell tourist gifts.

Also, I found these wooden ducks outside an amazing shop selling carved wooden art. If you are reading this, Hels, this picture is for you.

'Peg Leg' sampled some chips and managed to keep them to himself instead of sharing them with the seagulls! Actually, I had the crispy ones. The harbour was lovely, better than we have ever seen it. The tide was in, there were fish jumping, the water was crystal clear and the gardens leading up to the marina were spectacular. All so special. I do love this place.

Well my web connection is soooo slow today, despite having 2G and 5 bars, so I will try and upload a picture of my shells and sit back for an hour while it appears.

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