Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I know all you WOYWWers out there wonder where the days since last Wednesday have gone and I am no exception. The only difference is, I don't know where the last 28 days have gone. It's incredible that we have been on our hols for that length of time and even more incredible when I tell you that it has only rained twice!!

Anyway, today is our last day away and we make the trek back up north tomorrow.

This has been our view over the last 6 days. It's a lovely site within a water activity park and one for another visit in the future. However, if you consider coming here, even just for a meal in the restaurant, remember to bring lots of loaves for the ducks and swans. We have had to go out each day for at least 2!!
Yesterday we did a little round trip to Evesham, Pershore and back. You would never guess what we saw on the Abbey tower in Pershore - no not Toya Wilcox who lives in the town - but a peregrine falcon Just sitting there watching us watching him, or her. How lucky was that? A young couple came talking to us and told us all about it.
Added to the little vole we saw at the Hillhead site in Brixham, they were the 2 most amazing bits to remember from this holiday.

Well, there's no craft on my table today, just my orchids.

We didn't put the awning up when we came here so my plants have been inside taking up my crafting space. I doubt I shall get the chance to 'play' today either as I want to give the van a really good clean.
Now it's come to an end, I just want to get home and am looking forward to my Ranger workshop on Saturday with Lindsay. I need to get my mojo back and that will certainly do the trick.

So my craft cupboards are packed.

I will go off to link this and have a nosey at some of the other WOYWWers and hopefully leave a few comments. Funny how I can do that but can't reply to my emails. Anyway, back on broadband from tomorrow. TTFN.


joey said...

Hi Joanne

what a lovely view you have had all week, safe journey back up north


Lothian Crafts said...

What a lovely view thats whats great about being in a carvan.

Artyjen said...

Great view...and that's what you really call crafting on the go! :)
xoxo Sioux

Gez said...

Hi Joanne your flowers look gorgeous. Hope you bring the sunshine back up her with you. See you Saturday. :)
Have a safe journey. Hugs, Gez.xx

Violets Corner said...

What a lovely view. Your orchids seems to enjoy the holiday too ;)


Anonymous said...

Love the view - maybe your mojo took a walk in the countyside?

Mary Anne

Wipso said...

Love the ducks. You are so organised even for crafting on the go.
A x

Linda Elbourne said...

Lots of yumminess to ogle at on your desk this week!!! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

mckinkle said...

Oh IM glad its not just me that fills our van with crafting goodies when we go away!

Fab image of your feathered friends!

Keryn x

Doone said...

a woman dedicatd to her craft - you will fel overwhelmed when you get back to 'full supplies'!

Helen said...

What a fab time you've had. Hope you have a safe journey home and your full stash!

Sue said...

Hi Joanne
lovely veiw you have there, its amazing what you can get in them cupboards eh, you have had gorgeous weather, im of in my van fri& sat, so the weather will be crap! safe trip home, sue,x

Spyder said...

Fabulous country side, not having a holiday this year, so in need of one!!I'm doing the rounds again, coz blogger was going to error yesterday!! so if you have waiting for approval sorry if I've said this before!! do like the red bits on your boxes. Have a good woyww on a thursdays,!!

Julia Dunnit said...

You 've really picked the best month weather -wise! Amazing. But like you, once I'm at the end, I have an overwhelming NEED to get home and sorted. I guess that's why they are holidays and not everydays! Enjoy Saturday!

Kate said...

Great view, a ranger workshop sounds fun.

** Kate **

Kathy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your holiday with us - it's been lovely to see your photos and read your messages

Anonymous said...

Love how everything gets packed neatly back in your van! We stopped to look at Chichester Cathedral back in May and they had a nesting pair of Peregrines there. The RSPB was in attendance and they had a camera in the nesting box so we could see the chicks. Quite amazing! Have a safe journey home.


JoZart said...

That's great to see your crafting travels with you, that's one serious crafter!. Mine has to travel on hols as basics in a box. Thanks for sharing.