Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Over on Hels Sheridan's blog - http://pinkleart.blogspot.com - aka Ink on My Fingers, this week's challenge theme is 'song sung blue'.
I may have a go at this tomorrow inbetween packing up to go home.
If you read her latest post, which includes a gorgeous metal creation, Hels tells us of her evening watching a horror movie and how Alfie, her cat, sat on her feet keeping her 'protected'.
Well, I reckon this is Alfie!!!!!! Sorry Hels.


Artyjen said...

OMG that is soooooooo funny!!
Have a safe journey home....have fun at the class on Saturday :)
xoxo Sioux

Hels Sheridan said...

Joanne!!!! How did you manage to get into my bedroom and get a snap of Alfie.. Iam ROFL laughing here hun..that is just toooo funny :O)) And... his paw-pads are black.. which can only mean that he is a crafter..he has inky paws..just like his mummy LOL Thanks for making me laugh hunny xx

Spyder said...

Love this picture!!