Thursday, 22 July 2010


For those of you who have followed my musings over the last year or so, you will know about the beautiful parrot card that Heather made which I was so inspired by that I photocopied it and stuck it on the inside of one of my wall cupboards. Now, anything to do with parrots obviously leads back to that - just a bit of fun really.

Well here is another inspired one, plus his kingfisher friend.

I updated my blog yesterday to the new version which lets you move your pictures anywhere within your post. I hope this turns out ok as it may take a bit of practice. I am also hoping that I can now link with other blogs more easily and add widgets etc without pulling most of my hair out each time I have a go and fail.

Watch this space folk. You may still see a baldy running around - and I don't mean 'Peg Leg'!!!


Lou and Mel said...

Beautiful parrott and kingfisher cards - aren't they gorgeous birds - its the colours I love!
Glad you're getting to grips with the upgraded blog - I dont have a clue!

chrissy xx said...

Beautiful cards. Glad your blog is okay! not sure what your talking about though! 'new version' I don't evenknow about the 'old one'!

Heather said...

Lovely kingfisher and parrot cards and of course in some of my favourite colour combinations! Still not able to access the "Cutest Blog" site to upgrade my blog background so I'm also tearing my hair out a bit right now!!! Heather x