Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Mixed weather over the weekend, but generally it was fine so I made a start on tidying my 'titchy' garden. The sweetpeas had gone over and were covered in greenfly, so they had to come out together with the summer bedding plants at their base. Considering all the rain whilst we have been away and the wonderful care my neighbour gave to my garden and fish, the soil was bone dry!! The cut flowers that I had sown from seed were also finished, so out they came too.
I put a few pansies in the border where the sweeetpeas had been

and then did this to the other bit:
That's enough for now because I need to catch up with some craft and birthdays. So many in September.

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Redanne said...

I bet ours is tichier than yours! But even though small they do take a lot of work. I really love the red plant in the third pic down, it is quite beautiful.....A x