Sunday, 19 August 2012


So we had no choice but to come home after 4 weeks of bliss in Devon, Dorset and Guernsey accompanied by some fabulous sunshine and breathtaking scenery.
The journey back was not one we made by choice. M5 and M6 on a Friday with the worse weather forecast ever. Normally it would take around 5hrs from Poole, but on Friday it took us 8.5hrs!!! The volume of traffic was horrendous, made worse by signs warning of holdups at the next junction. Hey! they made the darn traffic jams:
The rain on the M5 was so frightening. Just like driving in fog but wetter. With a 4.5 tonne vehicle towing a car, that was something I care not to do again. Anyway, we made it safe and sound although totally tired out.
We had amazing weather most of the time. Devon was special, as always. I got to see my pal Sylvia and Reg her lovely hubby together with Asa and Kobe their stunning doggies, again after about 3 years since our last get together. I managed to blog photos of the unbelievable pressies that Sylvia made for me and you will see them in my future blogs because each piece has been found a place in my little craft room. When we opened the mountain of mail I also found this:
Sylvia and Reg have invested in a wonderful embroidery machine which they showed me. I was intrigued by it and said some of the samples they had made would make wonderful cards. So look what I got. It's finished off by peel offs, carefully placed by the Queen of peel offs herself. Thank you so much.
Well after our time in Devon, saddened by the fact that my pal  Sioux was not at home during our stay but miles away in Italy, we finally left for a further 2 weeks in Dorset.
Now Dorset is a wonderful place, especially Poole:

Where else can you dream to your heart's content of being any where in the world at any given time on something as wonderful as this beauty.  Unfortunately, someone owned this one, equally as unfortunately, it's not me!! I'm waiting for 2014 when Sunseeker launch their new 144' yacht. I saw it being started on in one of their hangars. Perhaps if I wish long and hard enough I may just win that Euro lottery and own one.
I've always wanted to take one of the boat trips from Poole, most of which go around Brownsea Island. However, we ventured into the T.I. one day and I took the plunge (not literally) and booked us one on the Condor Vitesse  Ferry to Guernsey a week last Friday. What a good choice of days because the Channel was like a mill pond and the sky was void of any cloud plus the temperature reached at leat 85degF.
I don't do sailing, but honestly, I had the time of my life. It did however, teach me that I doubt I can fly (never been in a plane) because at least I could get up and go outside when I wanted, not sure that would happen in a plane!!!!!! Claustrophobic you see.

What a beautiful place - and we got to see most of it for a £1 bus ride!!!!!!!!!!!
Most of our time away was taken up by the olympics. Now I am a fanatic having been an athlete in my youth, but my DH hates it. Guess what - he loved and watched nearly every minute. Whoohoo!
I had another wonderful surprise when I got home:

This amazing card is from my pal Barb as a thank you for making her this for her brand new log cabin craft room:

I missed a Hels Sheridan workshop due to losing a very dear friend at the time of it and this was one of the projects. I didn't have a clue how Hels made it, so did my own thing. Barb was pleased and that's all that mattered. Well, back to reality I suppose made clear by the 5 lots of washing I've already done with more to do. The last 4 weeks have been lovely but I'm now ready for some crafting. All the blog posts that included challenge pieces were in draft, having already made or sourced the entries. My phone connection has been virtually non existent and my mobile web very intermittent. It has proved that, even though I'm an oldie, I need modern technology in my life, but I also need my crafty pals............


Artyjen said...

It was sad we could not meet...but it looks like you had a fab time ;) As to the plane thing.....I can only say that try to overcome it 'cos the amazing things one can experience is beyond..well..words. And that comes from a flying phobia kind of gal if ever there was one!!!
xoxo Sioux

Redanne said...

Hi Joanne, I have thoroughly enjoyed your holiday with you thanks to your fab pictures along the way. It was a bit spooky seeing that mirror because I did attend the Hels workshop and have an almost identical mirror! You did a great job with yours. Love the embroidered card and that seahorse is just stunning. Back to normality now..........Crafty hugs, Anne x