Tuesday, 14 August 2012


That's what we did last Friday. On the most calm, blue water of the English Channel, we sailed from Poole, Dorset to St. Peter's Port, Guernsey. What a wonderful adventure especially for me because I am a terrible sailor. Thankfully though, the sea was like a mill pond, the sky was completely cloudless and the temperature soared to at least 80deg F.
You can see Old  Harry rocks on this photo taken from the stern of the Condor Vitesse as we left Poole harbour.
A little taster of the beautiful St. Peter's Port marina. The views on approaching the island were incredible and our little race with a few gannets made the experience so special. We had a very big and pleasant surprise too. The lady in the tourist information in  Poole told us about a bus service that went all the way round the island and advised us to take it, so we did.

Those coastal views were breathtaking. How we even got down some of the roads was a fete in itself too. However, the most surprising part of the bus journey was the cost - £1 each!!!!! That's right ONE pound each. Now where in the world can you get a 1.5hr bus journey around spectacular country side for just £1??? Well done Guernsey.
It was a long day. The boat was half an hour late setting back too so the 3.5hr trip each way was a long time. I wouldn't have missed it for the world and it gave me another fantastic sight on coming back into Poole -

What a wonderful day.


Sandi said...

As we dive into another triple digit day in N CA, may I say I am green with envy, oh to feel the cool breezes of open water, stunning pics, thanks for sharing, hugs

Redanne said...

Hi Joanne, what amazing pics! Love the sunset one especially. That really is a good value bus ride, glad to hear you are still having good weather too. A x