Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WOYWW #158

I'm whispering this post because I no longer have to shout or repeat myself. My DH has finally got his hearing aids
WHOOPEEE! Sorry, I forgot.
Actually, I have become so used to having the tele turned up loud that I could hardly hear it tonight. Might be my turn next.
No good me shouting about what's on my workdesk this week, Julia, because I have been trying to get ahead of myself with challenges etc. so can't show you any works in progress. My photos are therefore - just for the record:
Being only about 7' long, my little room is just about shown in all it's glory here.
The space over the washer is where I do most of my crafting. I now have a bar stool to sit rather than stand, but I have to sit at an angle because as you see, there is no room for my knees!!
You can see my blending tool holder hanging from the ceiling in the first photo. It is completely full and has 2 blending tools already resting on the bottom shelf because all the little 'cut outs' are taken. Tim has just launched his Summer ink pads, so when they arrive - yes I've ordered them - that will make 5 on the shelf. All I need now is another few blending tools - can you hear me darling? please make me some more.......
I'm still waiting for my 3rd anniversary ATC to arrive so am sorry I can't show you it this week. I did however, make a new swap friend and I received today, the most gorgeous 'dumfling' from Twiglet. Sorry, but my step-daughter is going to have to fight me for it, it's far too gorgeous to part with.
I hope to be able to call round at yours over the next few days because I haven't been able to get myself into gear for the last few weeks and wish to make amends for that before my holidays in a few weeks time. Have a good woyww day and a 'brill week.
Oh! happy birthday to the amazingly talented Hels and happy 40th birthday to my youngest son, Neil. Crickey! I feel old now...........


...the yorkshire fox... said... may share your work space the washing machine but you've utilised the space so well & all so very neat, I only found out about the new colours yesterday & they look gorgeous...thanks for sharing have a loVely day...Mel :)

Sheilagh said...

Can you come and sort my shack please, you look so very very organised in your little room;o)


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Wow, you only have a small space but goodness you pack it well!! A place for everything and everything in its place :)
And tish pish, you're not old AT ALL!! Young at heart, I would say :)
Hugs, LLJ ~1 xx

Helen said...

Small but beautifully formed and full of lovely stash! I did wince a bit though when I saw your plug sockets! WOYWW Hugs from Helen 14

Julia Dunnit said...

Perfect glory hole really! A place for everything..except your knees...but what the heck. I hear rumour that Twiglet is going to sell some dumpfings in her online shop, so you may not have to fight DD too much!!

Nora CG said...

WOW, your space it's every crafters/artist HEAVEN!!!
You have it well organized. Great! Have a great day!

Redanne said...

Hi Joanne, your room looks a bit like mine, small but perfectly formed! I have posted your ATCs on my blog today. Sorry could only post yours yesterday when I got your addy, they will be with you soon, hope you like them. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #30

Samantha Elliott said...

The first thing I spotted was your blending tool holder! Love it though I would bash my head if I hung it in my craft room. It is the attic!
Have fun.
Hettie 156

Sarah said...

I can't wait to get my shelves and storage up in my room - especially when I see how fab your place looks! Hope our atc soon pops onto the mat! Thanks for calling by...Sarah.

Glenda said...

For years I shared my craftroom with a washer and dryer so I can totally understand...But you have utilized your space so much better than I did. I love every bit of your storage ideas! Well done!
Glenda #95 Sorry to be so late!

Glenda said...

I forgot to say, I signed up to follow you this morning.

Tertia said...

This a a new space to work in and a far more sensible way to use a laundry room I might add.
Happy very belated WOYWW

Queen Of Toys said...

Oh my you have really filled that space up well, a place for everything and everything in it's place. Be careful when you purchase more stuff you need to be able to fit it in. One day that washer will have to go. LOL

Have a great crafting week
Eliza #65

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