Sunday, 23 October 2011


We decided to go for a drive up to Kendal yesterday. From ours, it's a lovely trip up the A6 if you want to avoid the motorway. It's also one of my favourite journeys as the scenery is stunning. Better still, the day was gorgeous too. Blue skies and relatively warm sunshine. Super all round.
2 reasons for going. The first was to try and find some furniture and the second was to visit the Paper Warehouse who were having their Christmas spectacular and celebrating with lots of demos. Couldn't miss the chance to catch up with some of the latest samples, but more especially, see the lovely Lindsay Mason sharing her expertise.
I'd seen some of her latest samples on her blog but seeing them and touching them is more special. They were stunning up close. I bought some black card - completely run out - some good quality printing paper and a set of Lindsay's stamps - Christmas Post. Hope to have a play with these today.
PS. still looking for the furniture!!!!

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