Friday, 21 October 2011


I've had this card laid out for about a week now but have been 'scared' to actually put it together. I wasn't sure whether it would work nor how to achieve the look I wanted. In the end I just went for it and gave up wondering.
The whole thing came about after making a gorgeous card that Andy Skinner had given instructions for. The amazing orange sky attracted me and I had just the thing I wanted to use - kitchen towels - that I had used to dry ink on both backgrounds and my work sheet. I put 3 of them together to form the sky and began.
The kitchen towel sky is on the right of the A4 card that I blended Distress Stains on to in  order to make the rest of the sky. Does that make sense?
The cardstock is not really thick enough for a base card, so I generally fold another piece to A4 and place it inside.
Anyway, I then got to work stamping, cutting out and sticking in place. This is the finished card front.
In the end I was really pleased with it. I thought the inside 'stiffener' needed a little something, so added this.

I am on a roll with Xmas cards just now so if I know you and you follow my day to day ramblings, one of the cards I make and show may just pop through your letter box this year. This one knows it's destination so I hope the recipient(s) like it.


Gez said...

WOW! Really beautiful cards Joanne. You are definately on a roll.Xx

Artyjen said...

Lovely effect with the sky!
xoxo Sioux
P.S. Till you win the lotto you can come sit on my patio any day...although you won't be able to see the harbour!!! ;)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Coo Joanne! Fabulous stuff here, love the 3D effect you've got. Love, Chrisx