Wednesday, 19 October 2011


If you are interested, have a look at my previous posts.
Not sure whether I will manage any more for the rest of the week though. What I hope to do (she say's tongue in cheek) is pop over to yours - courtesy of our leader Julia - and have a look see at what you are up to.
My little space is tidied up after yesterday but now looks like this:
and this:

I got fed up with all the dust so had a mad moment and got the du***r out, swished it around a bit and hope to be a bit more tidy when it's all done. My DH is going to fasten my ink blender stand to the bottom of the hanging one, make me another layer and hang that too. Just a quick post this week. I need some 'ME' time to try and think - something I'm usually good at but find I can't do it lately. It's quite worrying so I have to do something about it.
Have a happy woyww everyone.


Helen said...

great desk, and I love your Tim in 10 card. Really want to do this one this week.... Helen at 6

jude said...

Great organised desk this week .Hope you get your Me time to think!
Have fab wednesday and creative week ahead
hugs judex16

Susan Flynn said...

Such order! You put me to shame I start off with good intentions and I don't know where I go wrong! Lots of interesting things going on, put that d****r away and get crafting xx

soniajones said...

why do craft rooms get more dusty than anywhere else (or do I ignore it anywhere else??)remember than girl who did 'art' in the sand - well I could do it in dust at the moment haha xx

Neil said...

Ready to go create space. Enjoy it. I don't bother with the dust, it adds texture to my work (well, that's my excuse anyway!

Angie said...

I hope you managed some good ME time. I find it hard to think if a lot is going on ...especially noisey stuff ...or if lots of decisions have to be made. Good luck with your thinking time xx

Julia Dunnit said...

You think it through Joanne, don't wanna think that anything is worrying you so much. Great idea for the blender thingy tool!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get your ME time Joanne as it sounds like something is worrying you. Whatever it is I hope it works out.

Brenda 86

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Play hun, best way to work through it, it'll come. just play that's what its all about really isnt it?

Lou P #124

Marjo said...

Dust? I thought that was just a free

thanks for the peek and sharing.
xoxo Marjo

JoZart said...

Great clear space fresh to go again! Hope you clear out your thoughts and get your batteries recharged soon,
Love joZarty x

Shoshi said...

Oooh didn't think we were allowed to use rude six-letter D-words on here lol!! Your space looks very clean, tidy and organised, though! Happy belated WOYWW Shoshi #97