Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Happy WOYWW everyone. Once again, a great big thank you to Julia for organising our Wednesday trips around craft spaces everywhere. I'm sorry I didn't manage to visit very many through last week but the past few days have been amongst the most hectic I have ever spent.
My pal Susi moved house - again - last Saturday. This time we were able to help. However, the temperature on Saturday was well in the 80s making every move exhausting. Her dad and I were so tired that night we just couldn't sleep. Everyone worked really hard, including the children.
I mentioned last week that my DH was at last coupling the new radiator on the bedroom - after 19 months. Here is the proof:
He made a brilliant job and we had no leaks. However, we had no hot water either from last woyww to this Monday. The boiler decided to blow a safety part and we had to get a fitter out. All is well again  now though.
Another however, is the fact that the boiler is in my little craft room along with the drier which is in front of some of the pipework, so my room has looked like this all week:

Actually, hubby hasn't been on the floor with his head stuck in the cupboard for a week, but you get the idea.

There is a wip on the tiny bit of work space you can see. I may get chance to finish that now, but you can also see my set of the new Tim distress inks. That seedless preserves is amazing. Roll on knowing what the new winter set is like.
Well I must go and get ready for another day of exciting stuff. Going with DH and Susi to pick up her dog cages for her dog van which she is preparing for her new business. I'll try better this week to pop round and see you. x


Sarah said...

sounding and looking busy...tough job all that work in that October sun...hope you find time to play.
Thanks for the peek!

Helen said...

hope you get your space back and you can play to your heart's content again!

Chrissie said...

I bet you'll be glad to get back to normal!
Do you craft standing up? It doesn't look as though there is any space for your knees anywhere there!
I'm a comfort merchant I'm afraid!
Have a great day.
Chrissie #28

Julia Dunnit said...

LOL at your dear man lying on the floor with his head in the cupboard for a week - I know, but I can't help it!! I'm liking that new colour too - my word, isn't it bright compared too...yum.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh the times my DH has been in that position too!! Men seem to be happiest when they're sorting stuff out :) Some nice bits and pieces on your desk too! Hugs, LLJ xx

Anonymous said...

Life really has a way of reminding us who's boss doesn't it? Still, at least you have hot water again and a nice new radiator in the bedroom for those chilly winter nights we've got to look forward too! Shame your pal had to move house in those temps, but who would have thought October would be so hot?

Brenda 67

Sunshine Girl said...

I love the way you are still managing to craft whilst all the work is going on around you. Thanks for sharing.

fairyrocks said...

It is so amazing how dependant we are on our creature comforts. Without the hot water is such a pain. Glad you let your DH out of the corner and you are freshly washed and warm again.

Spyder said...

Haven't moved for ages...I mean I haven't moved house for ages, but I remember how hectic it all was. Craftyness looks very interesting! certainly got more than me at the moment!!

Elizabeth said...

Having a bit of a chuckle at the thought of your DH stuck with his head in the cupboard for a week. Hope all is back to normal for you both now. I can't keep up with all these new DIs - didn't know there was one called seedless preserves - sounds delicious :) Elizabeth x #75