Sunday, 30 October 2011


My regular followers will remember that I have some lovely neighbours who spend 12months - every year - in the sunshine (that counts as 12 if our summer actually IS sunny!!).
The 6 months they spend here has disappeared again because this morning they flew off to the heat of Goa, India, yet again. I have had a lovely time with Val nipping here and there over the summer months and will miss that very much for the next 6.
Here she is on the plane this morning, just before take off.
Have a wonderful time and don't forget to send home some of that sunshine. See you in April xx

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Dawn said...

How wonderful to change destination every 6month ;0) Although it must be hard for you, missing your friend for 6 months a year. Any way, I just had to stop because you made me laugh. I loved your comment on Arty Jens post ;0)