Wednesday, 12 October 2011


For all you wonderful crafters out there either on the verge of retirement or just waiting for the moment - stay at work!!!!!!!!!!
I have had the luxury of being retired for 5 and a half years now, but this week has seen me wanting to go back to work for a rest.................
Madness struck when my step-daughter and family finally 'came back home' at the beginning of September. The new house they moved to - courtesy of a housing association which gave priority to separated families through work and/or ex-forces, proved a no, no, due in  part to it being a  tiny box, so, another house move to a larger, privately rented home took place a week ago. Since then it's been 'Dadi, can you or, Anan can you'. Hey, we are absolutely loving it. The down side is, neither of us have time for hobbies. Perhaps when my special pal (that's my step-daughter) gets her business up and running, she will not need as much support as now - boo hoo!!!!!
Anyway, yesterday, she helped me cover a bedding box that her dadi (my DH) had made. What do you think???
Here's a piccie with the lid open - still needs hinges:

I am over the moon with it as it fits perfectly into our newly refurbished bedroom and I also reckon it counts as craft.
Whilst Susi was here today she had a look through all my craft cupboards and found my bead stash and Heather's book. I now have another dragonfly to make for her friend!!

So, my craft space is 'smothered' with beads today.
Julia started this little nosey around the craft desks of the world, allowing us a peek into the lives of like-minded folk who enjoy crafts of all kinds, not just paper. Thank you Julia for that 'cos it's such an enjoyable time each week despite the fact that not many of us actually get to visit all of them - so what?? If I get around to a handful, I'm happy.
I'll leave you with a photo of my ever increasing wall of art. This is a minuscule show of the amazing ATCs, cards, etc I have from numerous clever crafters - enjoy.


Susan Flynn said...

Mmmm lots of nice beads, love your bedding box you could fit loads of DP in there xx

jude said...

Love your box cause it's craft looks beautiful;!
Ikm sure you will be glad for some rest and peace tucked away in your craft world!Hope it happens soon have fab wednesday restful week
hugs judex28

Neil said...

Hi there. Just a quick peek around the door this week as time is definitely not on my side! I did want to visit though. Your bedding box looks lovely; just think of all the crafty stash you could fill it with..

DottyA Cards & Things said...

You gals did a lovely job on your Bedding Box... and you can sit on it too I bet!
And just look at all the beautiful beads, Oh my Gosh!!
Will I enjoyed my visit today, thanks for the invite

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I am resisting getting drawn into beading, basically because I'd never have any money left!! And a room full of beads that I couldn't bear to part with - I'm bad enough with my fabric...
Hugs, LLJ x

Marjo said...

Thanks for the peek and sharing.

Hope you are having a great WOYWW.

xoxo Marjo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have a ton of beads, but they are not good beads. They are pony beads. The rest I get when I disassemble jewelry from the thrift store. I am really enthralled with your beads. All those beautiful colors! Happy WOYWW from # 11.

Sunshine Girl said...

Love all the beads and your art display. Thanks for sharing.

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Joanne, you and DH must be loving having her back within arms reach - and being able to use all your skills to help them out. Love the linen box, what a great idea.