Thursday, 23 February 2012


Yesterday was my friend Sylvia's birthday. She is the lady who makes the most amazingly gorgeous patchwork quilts - amongst other beautiful things. She has a quilt on the go at the moment and has promised to send me a photo of the finished article so that I can blog it for you all to share her magic.
Well, as she is so talented, I really bit the bullet and made her a configuration box for her birthday. I used a sewing theme, but was really nervous that it would meet her standards. As it was, she was thrilled to bits with it.
I hope she had a super day in her beautiful home county of Devon.
Mwah Sylvia xx

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Lindsay Mason said...

Of course she loved it - it's absolutely wonderful! Really love all the details. Have uploaded the Stitches photos and will email some to you later. Had a dozy day yesterday! Speak soon, Lindsay x x x