Monday, 20 February 2012


Well after a very wet journey down the dreaded M6 to Birmingham on Saturday, we finally arrived at the guest house I found at the last minute. It happened to be on the A45 right across from Birmingham airport! I never expected those planes to be so quiet which came as a big surprise to me. After all, I live over the road from BAE where they manufacture the Typhoon and believe me when I tell you, that darn thing is noisy. The down side was the room, it was disgusting. Oh well, we were only staying for 2 nights so were prepared to put up with it.
Sunday dawned bright and crumbs!! it had snowed in the night, turned to ice and the car park was now a skating rink. My little car was no longer green but white! Poor 'T' had to go and defrost it then take me the 1.4 miles to the NEC. That car park was a million miles away from Hall 12 so after at least a 2 mile hike (me in new shoes - ok I know, but actually they are the most comfy shoes I have ever had) we finally parted and I set off into oblivion. Where to start this amazing day.
You may be wondering how come I got to go to a trade show when I am not in the craft business. It all came about through being a part time member of Lindsay's design team, and this year neither David nor Heather could go so the thrill fell to me. Thank you so very much once again. I had a ball.
Ok, let's cut to the core. Some stands prohibited photos, some I couldn't get near and some were so 'gob smacking' that I forgot I had the ability to take photos. Let's start with the main stand of the show, that's our Lindsay's of course:
This is the wall of tags showing Lindsay's wonderful quirky new stamps that I really adore. They looked amazing on the black background and she hopes to make more throughout the show hence the space below the ones you see. You can see Tim on the other side of the PI stand.
The other side. Just look at the rich colours on those canvases. You can see the wall of  new stamps too.
Isn't this photo super? Lindsay is holding up her art journal, open at pages that have been coloured with the new Martha Stewart paints (which are lush) and depicting one of her new quirky stamps. Most enquiries of the day were about her new 'on the shelf' designs. These stamps used to be wooden mounted but are now being produced in clear and include new designs of kitchen, garden shed and boy's stuff or office as that one has things like computers, lava lamp, headphones etc on it. All in all, a fantastic display and one she can be very proud of.
You all know I am a Tim Holtz fan and Tim was right next to Lindsay. What a day being able to 'hop' between my most favourite guys.
I just loved his shirt! Black with sparkly shoulders.
Oooh! Sizzix squeals of happiness.

What a lovely display.

I got to hold a complete container of the new Distress Markers AND I had a go with 3 of the colours. Tim was demo-ing with them and believe me, they are fantastic. I also got to see every page of his new book and Tim said he hopes to publish one every 2 years. Also, watch QVC at midnight because it may just be the TSV. There will be markers on too and if you can't wait for them, jump in because even the US don't have any. The first batch have been sold out and the next shipping won't be for a couple of months.

The Stamp n Cut display. Far too expensive I'm afraid.

This was a general Sizzix display. It is just fabulous.

Look who else I found, Hels Sheridan together with all her wonderful and amazing Studio 490 samples which I got to both see and touch. She had also been given a full set of Distress Markers to play with at the show. I offered to look after them for her but unfortunately she had to give them back.
Well, I saw crafters I recognised, crafters I know and now some I have had the pleasure to have a photo taken with. Lindsay has on her camera photos of me with Mario and photos of me with Rachel Greig. I've met the highly talented Andy Skinner, some of the lovely Personal Impressions crew, I've seen Stephanie Weightman, Paula Pasqual, Sheena Douglas, Joanna Sheen, I had a cuddle from our Leonie a short conversation with Tim, oh it goes on.
After the most marvellous day I've had in a very long time, we decided that another day in that awful guest house was not on so we packed up and drove home. It's raining again today but the great big grin on my face makes everything ok.


Artyjen said...

What a thrill is must have been to see all the new stuff ;) Thanks for sharing your amazing day. Somehow or other I need to stay awake for midnight on's not normally a problem at the minute as I can't sleep but don't you know it I bet I'll fall asleep just when I'm least wanting to!!! LOL
xoxo Sioux

Sue said...

Sounds like an amazing, fun filled day.

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW Im so not green with envy (MUCH!!!) sounds like a dream come true seeing all the lovely Crafty Peeps. Glad it made you smile, Love Hxx

scrappymo! said...

Sounds aamazing! You lucky girl.