Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I know full well it's Tuesday, but the weather and light quality are just the same as yesterday. It started to rain late on Sunday and hasn't stopped since!! DH and I went into Preston yesterday and could hardly get home because the main A583 Preston to Blackpool road was flooded, the lane between Kirkham and Freckleton was flooded, the lane between Wrea Green and Warton was flooded and the bypass between Freckleton and Warton was flooded. We daren't move now 'til the rain stops. Our 2 ponds have never been so full. I reckon the fish will be taking off down the road before too long.
Anyway, the bins are coming today - yippee NOT! If they arrive before tea time (!!!!) I have to try and get to Lytham but I know for sure the road in front of the Land Registry will be flooded. Such fun!
So today's teaser:
These little things are even teasing me as they don't really fit the theme I am after. Thinking cap time again.
At least the special glue arrived yesterday and believe me, it is special 'cos it worked. I'll tell you more about it in a week or so. Right, I'm off again. Just hope the postie brings me some more goodies today so I can finish another couple of my little projects.

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Redanne said...

My brain is a bit addled today so I can't even begin to guess, but if you are not using them anyway, I guess I don't need to - this is one marathon project! A x