Friday, 14 September 2012


There happens to be a bright shiny thing in a blue sky today although we have gale force winds commonly known as 'illiminations weather' in September around these parts. Always blows the tableaux down on the front at Bispham. I suppose if I peg it well, the washing will dry. Perhaps I should do that - but then I have these crafty things to make. Decisions, decisions again.
Do you want a peek then?
I'll send a little crafty something for the most laughable comment about this little lot.
Right, I'm off to pick one thing from that list of jobs........


Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh Hic Whos been on the Gin then??? (What an excuse to have a wee bottle, "Oh I need it to craft") I think you should do the washing as I had to do my mountain of the stuff this am. I cant wait to see what your creative make looks like once its finished.
Love Hx
P. S Gale Force winds here too, Toms scared I get blown away!!

Redanne said...

Are you going to make a cling film cover, decorated with flowers and drizzled candle wax for the gin bottle because you are going to a Great Expectations Halloween party? I give up, cannot image what you would use all those elements for, look forward to seeing the result! Crafty hugs, Anne x