Monday, 24 September 2012


It's chucking it down - AGAIN - and I think I'm growing webbed feet!
My craft project is on a go slow as I am short of little things for it and have resorted to having to make some embellishments. Waiting for glue to dry is worse than watching a kettle boil. Which leads me to today's teaser:
The stars are out. Actually the light is so bad it feels like it's night.
So what to do today. Think DH and I may just go out and get drowned wet through, we have to stay in tomorrow as we are getting 2 more bins making 4 in total. I don't think so. There is nowhere to put the darn things so they can just take them back. Perhaps councils should have a go at the supermarkets and their packaging policies instead of putting the onus on us all the time. Phew! where did that come from? Must be the weather.

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Redanne said...

I agree with you on the bin front Joanne, we now have three and have to juggle with them .........rain here too, it is coming down sideways...A x