Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WOYWW #170

A bright and sunny morning to all woyww-ers around the world especially our lovely leader Julia who by now will be off doing other things after having posted a photo of her desk earlier.
I haven't done very much crafting of late because there are so many jobs to do around the house before the onset of winter. Oh! listen to me, as if we had a summer!!!!! Anyway, here is the usual bit of my desk:
Nothing new there except my DT book, my partly finished Tim 2012 September tag - I don't have the typewriter die so am pondering what to add instead - a tiny piece of crinkle ribbon on top of a bit of metal sheet, a pan scrub that I used on the tag as I don't have any nasty wire wool and a tiny perfume bottle.
The rest of my desk looks like this:

Empty apart from a part eaten bag of chocolate peanuts, some indigestion tablets, the piece of card I used to mark my green' should be brown' distress markers (now replaced by Ranger - thank you so much for such an amazingly quick service), an external hard drive and my wonderful glasses case and drinks mat.
So no crafty project in the making. Goodness knows when I shall be able to start something. We still have the shed fascia boards to replace, the greenhouse to re-coat (it's wooden) some cementing to do, a paving slab to lift and straighten as tree roots have raised it, plus ordinary life which keeps getting in the way. Hope we finish everything before our next set of booked dates which begin in 2/3 weeks. Righto, off to start again.


Artyjen said...

Good luck with the repair works ;)
xoxo Sioux

Redanne said...

Goodness me Joanne, you are a busy bee, so much to do, so little time before winter strikes - sorry that sounds defeatest, we are going to have a lovely Indian Summer (she said hopefully). I can send you a shrink plastic typewriter if you really want one on your tag, it's the Bigz die shrunk down, looks great. Hope you get everything done that you want to.....Happy WOYWW, Anne x '47

Gita said...

I probably should get around to the things that need to get done too. LOL. Sometimes that gets neglected for the crafts. :-) Brigita #53

Darnell J Knauss said...

You do have a lot of "life" interfering with your crafting. It is what it is, huh? You'll get back to creating when your mind is free again! Take it easy and have a great week! Darnell #93

Elizabeth said...

I was absolutely exhausted by the time I read to the end of your to-do list ... my, but you are busy!

I think Sir Tim may be the only person on the planet who has wire wool nowadays - I can't remember the last time I used that - some 20 years ago, I think. I don't have the typewriter die either, thought of using a stamp instead.

Good luck with that long list. Happy WOYWW, hope you have a lovely week. Elizabeth x #90

Anonymous said...

Your tag is coming along nicely! I didn't have steel wool either -- I've never been a fan of the stuff. I ended up using my sanding block to rough up the tag. I didn't have the die either, so silver-embossed a typewriter stamp onto black cardstock and cut it out.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to say who on earth I am -- it's Laura #133 saying happy WOYWW. :-)

Tertia said...

Sounds like you have way too much repair work to do, no time soon for crafting! Hope it all gets done in record time and you can start playing.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #70