Saturday, 15 September 2012


So guess what? the washing didn't get done. Having said that, the ironing didn't either, both must be remedied today. I did however, get on with my craft project after another dash to the shop for some plasticine.
Want another teaser?
Hope that has you guessing a bit more.
Thanks to Hazel and Anne for yesterday's comments. I will pop something in the post for you both, just waiting for a parcel from Simon Says Stamp first.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Ah bless thanks Joanne xxx Oh this just looks like gloop today. Magic Potion Gloop though!!! Needs some Glitter in my Witchy Opinion, but then I would put glitter everywhere. Love cupcakes from the local store as they have edible glitter on them!!! So I can even eat it now!!! Enjoy the chores today, Im off to relax, seem to have hurt my hips!! Hxxx

Redanne said...

Hi Joanne, you really don't need to send anything........ today I am stumped....I have seen a few people using wax as a kind of resist technique but with that pile of wax I am not so sure. I am sticking with Miss Havisham, she has obviously been burning the candle at both ends. lol. Crafty hugs, Anne x